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8 Digital Marketing Insights to Kick-Off 2017 the Right Way: E-commerce Link Digest

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8 Digital Marketing Insights to Kick-Off 2017 the Right Way: E-commerce Link Digest

Howdy, Big Thinkers! We’re going to skip the setup this week and get you straight into these 8 digital marketing insights to kick-off 2017 the right way. Enjoy:

  1. Retail Prophet kicks things off with “The Future of Retail: A New Year’s Revolution.” Get it? “Revolution” instead of “resolution?” Those clever kids. But believe me, it’s well worth your time.
  2. Speaking of revolutions, Business Insider reports that a giant wave of store closures is about to hit the US, at least in part due to the rise of digital. That’s a big deal. We’ve asked “Will E-commerce Kill Retail?” in the past and still think the answer’s “No.” But retail undoubtedly is going through some tough times as it transitions to helping customers throughout their journey. Expect to see more along these lines in the coming months.
  3. On a highly-related note, a recent episode of Thinks Out Loud, our weekly e-commerce and digital strategy podcast, claims “Amazon Go Shows How E-commerce Will Work in the Future.” Give it a listen for yourself and see if you agree.
  4. While we’re dealing with disruption, The Guardian says the world’s largest hedge fund will replace managers with artificial intelligence. That’s a huge shift and well-worth watching to see how this will affect your business over time.
  5. In happier news, Ben Thompson over at Stratechery took a look at “The State of Technology at the End of 2016” that you’ll definitely want to check out.
  6. In further year-end info, we also rounded up a great collection of posts that ask (and answer) the critical question, “How Can You Succeed at Digital Marketing Next Year? 17 Great Posts Offer Answers.”
  7. We also looked at “Trends for 2017: What Your Content Marketing Strategy Looks Like” that you’ll want to check out.
  8. And finally, don’t miss this “Quick Postcard from the Future of Digital” for even further insights into what’s driving digital in 2017… and beyond.

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You can also check out these slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions: Three Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year”:

Finally, you might enjoy some of these past posts from Thinks to help you build your e-commerce strategy and your digital success:

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