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9 Nifty November Mobile Commerce Insights: E-commerce Link Digest

9 Nifty November Mobile Commerce Insights: E-commerce Link DigestHope you’ve got a great weekend ahead, Big Thinkers. To help carry you through, here are 9 nifty November mobile commerce insights we’ve rounded up from around the web. Enjoy:

  1. This brilliant report from Search Engine Land states, “Google Warns Webmasters Again: Do Not Use Sneaky, Mobile-Based Redirects.” Given this report on Mobile Commerce Daily says mobile will drive 51% of Thanksgiving Day online shopping visits, and Google’s inclination to punish folks who don’t play be their rules, I’d recommend you follow their guidelines on this one.
  2. While we’re on the topic on mobile and its contributions to e-commerce, another great Mobile Commerce Daily piece takes an in-depth look at responsive design and the future of mobile commerce. Really great read that’s well worth your time.
  3. The Verge offers up this outstanding point of view on “The rating game: How Uber and its peers turned us into horrible bosses.” Fascinating piece with loads of insights into where the future of work might be going. Good stuff.
  4. Continuing with that theme for a bit, the fine folks over at The Future of Customer Engagement and Commmerce explain why the customer relationship doesn’t end at checkout. Key ideas: Data, constant connectivity, and customer service combine to help drive deeper, more meaningful, long-term customer engagement. Really good job there.
  5. Switching to social for a minute, and Facebook specifically, Marketing Charts rounds-up data about “Facebook Brand Post Interaction Rates, by Post Type, in Q3.” Very useful information. As you might imagine, image posts take the top spot, but both image and video posts fell year over year. That’s particularly surprising given that, according to TechCrunch, Facebook hit 8 billion daily video views last month, doubling from 4 billion in April. Which, you know, is a lot. We’re going to continue paying lots of attention to this trend moving forward. You’ll probably want to as well.
  6. Bringing these various trends together, a recent episode of our Thinks Out Loud podcast asked “Google, Apple or Facebook: Who’ll Win the Mobile Web?” Who’ll win? Well, you’ll have to check out the episode to see for yourself.
  7. And while we’re on the topic of Google, Apple, and Facebook (all part of, as I call them, the AGFAM group), we get this report from Ars Technica: “World’s top Internet companies and telcos rated on protection of users’ digital rights.” With another billion people coming online in the next few years and those individuals living under myriad regulatory regimes, expect to hear loads more about this topic.
  8. A pair of popular posts over the past week explored the ideas of “Learning How to Fail” and “The Race You Can’t Win,” two critical concepts for businesses competing in today’s hyper-connected, consumer-driven marketplace. Be sure to check them both out.
  9. Finally, you won’t want to miss these “10 Must-Reads: The Top Posts from November, 2015” from the other day. Really worthwhile way to round-out your weekend.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, folks. And here’s hoping you have an amazing week ahead too!

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