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9 Prime Digital Marketing Reads for a Long Weekend Getaway: E-commerce Link Digest

Weekend mobile digital readsGetting ready for the long holiday weekend? Well, then I won’t waste your time with lots of set-up. Here are 9 prime digital, e-commerce, and mobile marketing must-reads to help you enjoy your time away — and prepare you for the week ahead:

  1. Search Engine Land tells search marketers why the time to focus on mobile user experience is now. I quite agree. Makes a nice follow-up to my look at the big problem with paid search on mobile. Check ’em both out when you get a chance.
  2. Marketing Charts has data showing that mobile ad response seen differing by gender and platform. Worth noting. Of course, it also complements this look at what mobile e-commerce data isn’t telling you. Good stuff all around.
  3. Carlson Commerce offers up this warning: “Omnichannel to brick-and-mortar: You will be assimilated…” Definitely worth your time.
  4. Speaking of “must-reads,” check out these 7 marketing must-reads from last week’s link digest.
  5. Mobile payments will play a key role in omnichannel e-commerce. According to Wired magazine, the next iPhone will include NFC mobile payments. While Apple may be a little late to the game on this technology, it’s worth watching as data suggests iPhone users spend more on purchases than Android users.
  6. Payments will also influence customer behavior in a big way going forward. And this look at why millennials buy will help you get a better sense of the factors influencing this key demographic.
  7. This past week’s podcast asks “What Do Customers Do?”
  8. MarketingLand offers up 5 data-driven lessons in retention marketing from e-commerce stars. Excellent read.
  9. Finally, all work and no play makes for a dull time, doesn’t it? Well, Linda Bustos and the fine folks at GetElastic have rounded up 13 xkcd comics for ecommerce professionals that should bring you a chuckle this weekend. Enjoy!

As a reminder, I’m presenting a webinar called Digital Marketing Directions: Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. You can read all the details here.

You may also enjoy this look at growing your email list and its importance as an e-commerce best practice as well as reviewing the slides from a talk I gave all about email marketing in an age of mobile:

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Finally, you might also enjoy some of our past coverage of the mobile, local, social web and how to make it work for your business, including:

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