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7 Remarkable Posts about Mobile Marketing in Travel: Hospitality Marketing Link Digest

Travel guests mobileLoads of good stuff to catch up on from the past week in the world of hotel and hospitality marketing and e-commerce. For instance, take a moment to check out these 7 remarkable posts about mobile marketing in travel. You’ll be glad you did. Now let’s get on with the links:

  1. Hotel Marketing reports that the OTA’s hotel play pays off leading to double-digit gains. What’s interesting to note is that hotels now comprise almost half of all OTA revenues and are expected to increase to over half in the next few years. I’d encourage hotel marketing, distribution, and revenue managers to consider that a point of leverage in negotiations with OTA’s going forward.
  2. One reason OTA’s seem to be doing so well is their willingness to innovate. Hotel Marketing says Priceline is the first major OTA to integrate Apple Pay. Apple Pay and its competitors like Google Wallet represent a real game-changer for mobile commerce, so expect much more of this in the months to come.
  3. Mobile’s importance will continue to grow for hospitality and travel marketers. In fact, the latest episode of Thinks Out Loud explains why mobile commerce will win in the long-term. It’s already gained enough traction that I don’t think it’s too soon to say it’s all m-commerce (that’s “mobile commerce,” if you’re unfamiliar with the phrase.
  4. Given the growth of mobile ini travel marketing, Tnooz explores how travel compares to other industries for mobile use and transactions. It’s a mixed bag, but generally more positive than negative.
  5. Mobile Commerce Daily looks at the changing landscape of mobile commerce and what it means for brands.
  6. This past week, we uncovered 4 signs that hotel marketing’s future is mobile.
  7. Finally, here’s a cool piece of news for your customers on mobile or “traditional” online: Facebook has launched a call-to-action button for business Pages, finally bringing e-commerce directly into the social experience. Long overdue and potentially very useful for your business.

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You may also want to review the slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions 2015: Three Key Trends Driving Your Hotel Marketing Next Year”:

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