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8 Killer Posts Connecting Content, E-commerce, and Customer Experience: E-commerce Link Digest

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Customers checking out 8 killer posts connecting content, e-commerce, and customer experienceHey, Big Thinkers! Hope you’ve had an amazing week and are ready for a great weekend ahead. We’ve rounded-up an amazing set of 8 killer posts connecting content, e-commerce, and customer experience. And I hope you do too. Enjoy:

  1. Leading off, we’ve got “A Dozen Don’t-Miss Digital Strategy Posts” from the E-commerce Link Digest series for you to explore.
  2. A key part of that digital strategy? Connecting content and customer experience. That’s why we say, “Content is King, Customer Experience is Queen.”
  3. We also asked the key question, “Customer Experience is Queen? What Does That Mean?” so you don’t have to. Check it out to see what it’s all about.
  4. Of course, it’s not just us. Brand Quarterly reports on “Generation UX,” and explains why customers now expect great experience everywhere they go.
  5. McKinsey & Company also offers a near-perfect primer on how to connect customer experience and digital with “The CEO Guide to Customer Experience.” Great stuff. I highlighted this link once before in our round-up of “10 Posts Showing How the C-Suite Views Customer Experience,” but it’s well-worth another look.
  6. Building on that theme, We Are Social looks at “How Brands Can Make Social Commerce Work.” The key quote highlights how “Photo-centric platforms like Instagram and Pinterest offer attractive options here, allowing brands to showcase a lifestyle and build up their brand story.” In other words, selling the entire customer experience in a manner consistent with your customer’s expectations on his or her favorite platform.
  7. Given this shift, it’s fair to ask, “Is There a Future for Marketing?” as the fine folks over at Marketing Tech News. They also claim, “The change will come quicker than we think.” I agree, but would argue it’s already here, further emphasizing why we’ve got to create great experiences everywhere our customer connect with our brands.
  8. Finally, a past post asked, “Will E-commerce Kill Retail?” In a word: No. At least not if you do it right. So be sure to check out the whole post to see how to do just that.

You might also want to check out these slides I had the pleasure of presenting recently about the key trends shaping marketing in the next year. Here are the slides for your reference:

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