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9 Digital Marketing Must-Reads for You This Weekend: E-commerce Link Digest

9 digital marketing must-reads for you this weekendI don’t know about you, but we’ve been battening down the hatches here in the Northeast. Hope you’re safe, warm, and dry wherever you may be. If you’re stuck inside, here’s a look at 9 digital marketing must-reads for you this weekend. Enjoy:

  1. Leading off, our friends at The Future of Commerce suggest it’s time to get digitally native. Absolutely.
  2. Mobile Marketer says the heyday for hashtags has passed for marketers. I’m inclined to agree, with a couple caveats. Hashtags have their place in certain cases, but, more often than not, they’re increasingly difficult to make work. Better to focus on content that your customers care to share organically — and on your brand itself — than a forced “social” discussion.
  3. Continuing with social news, Amazon dominates social, but Nordstrom and Costco excel at it, according to the fine folks at Mobile Marketer.
  4. Mobile Commerce Daily reports how Starbucks steams up sales with its national Mobile Order and Pay expansion. Just one more example that illustrates why mobile payments will rule.
  5. Quartz highlights how Facebook is bringing immersive, 360-degree VR videos to your newsfeed. I’m not sure where this is headed for marketers yet, but definitely think it’s worth watching (no pun intended). And while we’re talking about wearables, PSFK says these smart clothes will track your every move. The real key for businesses here is the data these new technologies will make available about customers. And that’s worth watching too.
  6. A recent episode of Thinks Out Loud, our weekly e-commerce and digital marketing podcast asks, “Is This The Death of Google?” Be sure to listen to the whole thing to see what “this” is.
  7. Another key question, this one from Mobile Commerce Daily, asks “Do ride-sharing app partnerships drive revenue, awareness for brands?” Good stuff.
  8. The Nieman Journalism Lab says that Google’s grab of Oyster suggests ebooks, like news, are becoming “content” read on big platforms, which signals a significant shift in customer behavior. Keep that in mind as you develop your content initiatives, too.
  9. And, in closing, don’t miss this Thinks Out Loud episode that considers “Mobile Websites: Responsive, Adaptive, and RESS, Oh My!” Good stuff.

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