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12 Powerful Posts Featuring the Top Mobile and E-commerce Trends: E-commerce Link Digest

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12 powerful posts featuring the top mobile and e-commerce trends: Woman shopping on mobile phone

Hey, Big Thinkers! I trust that you’ve had an amazing week and can’t wait to kick-off the long holiday weekend in style. When you find a free minute, don’t forget to check out these 12 powerful posts featuring the top mobile and e-commerce trends too. Enjoy:

  1. A recent episode of our Thinks Out Loud podcast looked at “How to Keep Up With Technology as a Marketer: The Quick and Dirty Guide” that will make a fine listening experience over the long holiday weekend.
  2. eMarketer has data showing “US Marketers Plan to Invest More in Loyalty Programs by 2017,” which seems like a really good idea.
  3. Computerworld highlighted how “Google revs its A.I. engines” a topic we’ve touched upon recently as well.
  4. In fact, we also provided “A Quick Postcard from the Future of Digital” in a Thinks Out Loud episode from a few weeks back that you might want to check out.
  5. offered up this “CMO’s Notebook: Digital Transformation Is A Mindset, Not A Project” that I couldn’t agree with more if I tried.
  6. Mobile Marketer reported that “Mobile World Congress headed for US, reflecting growth of mega events.”
  7. The Future of Commerce blog had a fantastic piece called, “Dear Grocer: Meet my teenage son, and the the digital natives just like him” that highlights the challenges faced by a number of industries as customers change over time.
  8. Brand Quarterly offered this outstanding look at “Driving Demand: Seven Steps To Accelerate Digital Marketing Transformation.”
  9. eMarketer unveiled research that shows “Sales Enablement Plays a Key Role in Growing the Pipeline,” yet another way digital impacts the overall customer journey.
  10. According to Luxury Daily, a recent presentation from American Express recommended that “Retailers need to get out of customers’ way on mobile.” So, so true.
  11. While we’re talking about improving the customer experience, another article outlined “Six Ways To Win At Digital Experience,” which is both great advice and a great way to round-out this topic.
  12. Finally, let’s finish off this week’s round-up at 12 powerful posts featuring the top mobile and e-commerce trends with this look at “Why Content Marketing Matters” from Thinks Out Loud and this great collection of “15 Colossal Content Marketing Insights to Kick off Your Week.”

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You can also check out these slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions: Three Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year”:

Finally, you might enjoy some of these past posts from Thinks to help you build your e-commerce strategy and your digital success:

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