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Nothing Bigger Than Mobile Internet

Mobile enoughThe Washington Post has a look at new data from the McKinsey Global Institute. The big takeaway?

“McKinsey folks believe that the most economically significant technologies over the next decade-plus will be those already well underway in their development — the mobile Internet, largely in place in the advanced world and rapidly growing in emerging markets; the automation of knowledge work, things such as computerized voices that can handle many customer service calls; the “Internet of things,” such as embedding sensors in physical objects to monitor the flow of products through a factory; and cloud computing. Each of these areas of innovation, in the McKinsey telling, will be worth north of $1 trillion to the world economy by 2025, even on the low side of their range.”

Not a shocker, really. You can read the whole write-up here.

Now, I’ve been talking a lot about the automation of knowledge work this week and have been relatively bullish on mobile for some time. But, it’s increasingly obvious that we’re really just at the beginning of the Internet revolution. Ought to be fun.

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