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Are Apple and PayPal Teaming Up to Drive Mobile Payments?

Mobile moneyMobile payments interest me a ton. It’s pretty likely that your phone will play a role in how you pay for products and services within the next few years (a topic I’ve talked about again and again and again).

Well, now, according to Re/Code::

“…sources say that Apple is finally committed to having iPhones play a central role in the purchasing of goods at brick and mortar stores, though it’s not clear yet which technologies Apple will employ to make these transactions a reality nor how big of a role Apple wants to play in retail commerce.”

Apple, along with the other AGFAM players (Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft), is making a number of moves into e-commerce and mobile payments and iBeacons and so on. This is just the latest one.

Definitely something to keep an eye on.

I’d also recommend you take a look at my slides for “Today and Tomorrow: The Changing Customer Journey,” which looks at, among other things, where mobile payments is heading:

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