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The 13 most important topics for 2013 as voted by you

Mobile phone streetI’m a big believer that the market will tell you when you get it right. It’s one of the reasons I’m so keen on A/B testing. No matter how smart you are, the market is always smarter.

So today I’m rounding up your favorite Thinks posts from the last year. Each of these posts was shared at least 50% more often than average by the readers of this blog. And if that isn’t an indication of what you care about next year, I don’t know what does.

By the way, the three most common keywords in all these stories:

  1. Mobile
  2. Trends
  3. E-commerce

Maybe I ought to blog about that more often… ;)

Anyway, on with the list:

  1. Though not about mobile trends, e-commerce trends or any other kinds of trends, “What is a “brand story” anyway?” was by far the most shared story in 2012.
  2. Next up was my look at “3 Key Trends for 2013.”
  3. Another big marketing question asked, “What do I mean by “marketing” anyway?”
  4. Our first “pure” mobile post asks “Is Mobile Overtaking Desktop Internet Use?”
  5. Another mobile winner: “Why mobile first matters next year.”
  6. And another: “Got Mobile? Consumer Trends Show Mobile Tipping Point Is Here.”
  7. And another: “The argument against “mobile first.” And why it’s wrong.”
  8. My podcast got some traction, with the favorite being “Thinks Out Loud Episode 9: Is Social Media a Waste of Time?”
  9. A recent post looking at 9 Trends for 2013 got a lot of love.
  10. My look at Google’s 2012 Traveler “Road to Decision” Presentation won lots of fans.
  11. My e-commerce link digest looking at myriad mobile SEO tips and tricks ranked very well among readers.
  12. You shared this look at whether there will be over 2 billion smartphones by 2015 with your friends, fans and followers.
  13. And, finally, my recent look at 2013 trends: It’s all e-commerce got a lot of support.

Enjoy the list Big Thinkers. And look for lots more about mobile, e-commerce, and the trends they illustrate going into 2013. And beyond.

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