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Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft Have a Secret Plan Right Now. Here’s Why You Should Care (Thinks Out Loud Episode 286)

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft are the Frightful Five: Stock symbols for each company

Amazon, Google, and Facebook Have a Secret Plan Right Now. Here’s Why You Should Care (Thinks Out Loud Episode 286) — Headlines and Show Notes

OK, let’s be fair. The plans that Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft have aren’t really a secret. But it’s clear that these digital giants (AGFAM as I have long called them, or the Frightful Five if you prefer) are doing something very different from most businesses during the COVID-19 situation. Where most businesses are pulling back investment, cutting costs, and sticking to survival mode, the Frightful Five are investing — heavily — in the future. And not just a future. Their future. The future where they control everything. They’re buying and building and busting their butts to gain even more market dominance when the economy comes back around. And that’s a huge problem for everyone else who isn’t doing those things.

This episode of Thinks Out Loud takes a look at their secret plan to extend their dominance and offers some tips on where you should look to make this challenge an opportunity for your business too.

Want to learn more? Here are the show notes for you.

Relevant Links — Amazon, Google, and Facebook Have a Secret Plan Right Now. Here’s Why You Should Care (Thinks Out Loud Episode 286)

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Running time: 18m 10s

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